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    Smart Resort Software features built in modules to manage your Spa.  Our software will fully manage all of your spa rooms, and retail store.  Reserve time and space with your therapists and follow up a guests visit with a full retail or package experience.

    With full reservation control for Spas, Smart Retreat Software is suitable if Spas are not your main business.  If your Spa is your main source of revenue, and you need more power than the built in Spa module can offer, then take a look at one of the full features Spa Systems that we integrate to. Smart Retreat Software partners with these companies to enable Retreat/Spa businesses to control every aspect of their operation.

    If you require more information or have any questions about your specific needs, please contact Smart Hotel Software.

    Smart Hotel Software proudly partners with the following providers for full featured Spa solutions. 



Milano Spa



booker - formerly Spa Booker





Any Spa system that supports the standard Micros Charge to room interface



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